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...suffer from any of these problems? 

A. Happy Feet - Better known as "Invisible Man Syndrome", your repairman shows up on occasion, spends a few hours tinkering about, then disappears. Sometimes for days...sometimes for weeks. Where did he go? Only the judge knows for sure!

B. Dawdlin' Dave - Dave is a craftsman. No matter how simple the task, Dave puts out the extra effort with lots of preplanning, discussion and long moments of deep thought. Dave is never much good at thinking on his feet so a nice comfortable chair is required. Dave will think you into the poor house, if given enough opportunity.
C. Get to know me - You'll get to meet his wife, his children, his dog, his drinking buddies , his probation'll meet everything but your deadlines. You'll learn of his troubled life as you drive him to and from your house. You'll be able to write his biography when he's done, but you probably wont have any place to write it.

D. The more the merrier - Mysterious strangers start showing up at your house as designated "helpers". Of course, they are as qualified as the guy you hired and will require top pay rates. Oh well, it's only your money!

E. This is a stickup - 50% down before the job begins. A Florida classic!

If you have the time and money to play these games, they do too!


    I've been involved in the trades for most of my life, from helping my father with his 40-year painting business to installing drywall on over 500 homes in southern California, historical renovations in my hometown of New Orleans, and even HUD section 8 developments. 20+ years of residential and commercial building and repair in Florida alone. 2 and a half years managing the painting maintenance dept. at the Longboat Key Club, 2 years as head of maintenance at the University Club, 5 years with 1307, a prestigious conservatory company with clients like Rosa DeLaCruz, Craig Robbins, Iggy Pop and ArtBasel, and 2 years of carpentry with Friedman Bros. in Medley who hold a third of the copyrights on picture frames in the US. I helped build 2 Macy's, 4 Chili's, numerous medical facilities(including Sarasota Memorial) and many homes in the Lakewood Ranch development.

   In my travels, I've met customers with common complaints about the people they've hired. "He just stopped working and I haven't seen him in weeks!" "I've paid him almost $4000 and it's not even close to being done!" "Does any of this work look right to you, because it sure doesn't look right to me?!!" "I had to buy him all these tools because he didn't have any. And go pick him up in the morning too!" These situations surprise them, but rarely surprise me. Unfortunately, too many think that there's "easy money" in the trades. That owning a hammer makes them a carpenter, owning a wrench makes them a plumber. And when they start your job, they realize they are in over their heads and run for the exit door. Alas, with your money in hand. The truth of the matter is that it takes much blood, sweat and tears to learn how to perform the trades with effortless skill and competence.You can't buy that off the shelf at Home Depot.

   I'm often asked why I charge such low prices. I am a firm believer in "an honest day's work for an honest day's pay". I could charge more, and the temptation is always there, in this wildly volatile economy, but it would result in a lot less work for me. It would also mean that people who really need a hand with their properties wouldn't get it, or be forced to hire less-than-competent workers. I don't believe your property should be an extension of my home. I am not on the job to have fun, relax or entertain myself at the homeowner's expense. Hence, my "All work, no play!" policy.

   I enjoy my work and am not in it strictly for the money.  I get a personal satisfaction from a job well-done and a happy look on a homeowner's face. I hope I can put that expression on your face, as well.

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Serving Sarasota to Miami Florida since 1991

Over 35 years experience in the trades


  • Cabinets- new assembly/installation/repairs

  • Carpentry- framing/repair/roof and deck/form/steel/trim

  • Conservatory- restore and retain original architectural features and mouldings

  • Countertops- installation/fabrication

  • Crating/Storage- crate builds/prep for travel or long-term storage/climate control assemblies/archival protection

  • Demolition- owner must provide for debris removal

  • Doors- repair/new installation/pre-hung or slab

  • Drywall- installation/repair/tape and finishing

  • Electrical- small repairs/new fixture installation/no "to the box" or house rewiring. Requires licensed electrician and permits

  • Faux Finishes- marbles/graining/metallic leafing

  • Flooring- wood/parquet/pergo(glued only)/subfloor repair and new installation

  • General Household Repairs

  • Hurricane Protection- metal shutter installs/emergency boarding

  • Insulation- new install/no blow-in attics or block walls

  • Moving- truck load-unload/relocation(prices vary)

  • Painting- interior/exterior/spray

  • Plumbing- repairs/new fixture installation/no "under slab" septic. Requires licensed plumber and permits

  • Pressure Washinglight cleaning/paint stripping/walks and decks/Requires machine rental

  • Roof Repair- small repairs/no re-roofs or complete installation. Requires licensed contractor and permits

  • Screening- repairs/new installation

  • Stucco- repairs

  • Textures- hand finishes/spray

  • Tile- new installation-ceramic/other

  • Trash Removal/Job Clean up- "to the curb" removal

  • Wallpaper- removal/new installation


$14/per hour
Shop work: deliver items
in need of repair / assembly /
pick-up required

$15/per hour

$16/per hour

$17/per hour
Regional: Parrish/
North Port/
Englewood/St. Pete

Long distance: Requires quote
and arrangements for travel
and accomodations

   Prices include labor and standard equipment. Materials must be provided by homeowner. This includes items such as caulk, nails, screws, roller pads etc. This also includes items that receive excessive wear like saw blades, razor blades, paint brushes and other tool accessories. Permits(if required) must be obtained by homeowner. Specialty tools and equipment(scaffolding, pressure washer, jackhammer, etc.) must be provided by homeowner. In special exceptions, small amounts of materials may be provided but will require reimbursement.

   Estimates and bids are not provided.  Approximations of job duration can be given.  An appoximate list of materials can also be provided. First-hand site viewing is required- no phone guessing.

   Job safety is always a priority. Children and pets should be kept away from projects and work areas at all times. Likewise, homeowners should refrain from "helping", as it can cause distractions that can create unsafe work conditions. Work areas should remain clear of furniture, valuables and other property until completion of job. A functioning phone number is required by the homeowner. Water and electricity must always be available. Contact your providers for temporary service if necessary.

   A near complete amount of materials must be present on job site at commencement. A discussed or written list of tasks must be given prior to onset.

   I work on a "first come, first serve" basis, so advanced scheduling is always required. At least 2 days notice must be given. All customers are given utmost priority for completion of their jobs, so waiting is a possibility. "Added on" work may require a rescheduling. Acts of nature may also require rescheduling.

   Scheduled weeks begin on Saturday and end on Friday. Jobs lasting longer than 7 days require payment each Friday until completion. Jobs lasting less than 7 days require payment on completion. Authorized material purchases must be reimbursed at that time, as well. Out-of-town owners and absentee landlords must make local arrangements for payment and purchase of materials. No "on-credit" work.  Payment must be made in cash or in-state check(preferred). Clients must be paid up before commencement of future work.

   Long distance and out-of-state jobs require travel and accomodation expenses, payed in advance in some cases. All prices may vary due to safety concerns or economic fluctuations.



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"As an out-of-state landlord, I appreciate the fact that Joe can handle my properties at an honest price without me being there. I highly recommend his services." Tom Aquino, Remax

"He painted my house so quickly. The work was excellent. I can't believe how good it looks."  Dorothy Slattery, W. Palm Beach

"Did an outstanding job and really breezed through my long work list." Peter Dunn, Sarasota

"He knows his stuff. Complete satisfaction!" Palma Sola Dream Prop., Bradenton

"He's gotten several of my houses up to snuff to put on the market. Use this guy if you want professional work at reasonable prices." Jay Fink, Sarasota

"I can't believe all the stuff he a day!" Skyler Lopez, Sarasota

"I just moved here and didn't know who to call for repairs. Luckily, I found Joe." Dr. Guttman, Sarasota

"The last guy I hired took $1900 from me and never returned. Joe only charges for the work he does...not will do. Very honest and fair." Catherine Kirly, Osprey

"I highly recommend Joe. He's worked on my properties and my own home, and fixed a lot of things other companies did wrong. If you want results, he's the one to call." Chris Jenkins, Remax, Anna Marie Isl.

"My house was a disaster till he came along." Joe Ignassius, Bradenton

"I wish I had found him first. A lot of rip-offs got to me first." Karen Pauline, Oneco


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Joe's tip: a light application of muriatic acid will restore most porcelain and helps keep drains clear. Make sure to wear protective gear.




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